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Although largely aimed at providing corporate solutions, the Network comprises individuals who have not only helped design the Incident Command Systems in use across emergency services, they have also walked-the-walk and have commanded some of the UK's largest incidents.

The Network has a strong pedigree with commanders of all levels having led responses to the fullest range of major disruptive events dating back to the Grand Hotel bombing in Brighton in 1985, including the London attacks of 2005, wide-area flooding through 2007-13 and more recently, UK involvement with incidents in Nepal, Paris and Brussels.

Our advisors have also commanded world events including the 2012 Olympics, 2015 Rugby World Cup and recent NATO Summits.

Drawn from a background of policing and emergency response, health, media and PR management the Network has enormous experience of multi-agency command using the new doctrine promoted across blue light organisations (JESIP).

The JESIP Joint Doctrine provides a common way of working together with saving life and reducing harm at its core.

The key components of the Joint Doctrine are:

  • Five Principles of Joint Working - the principles we expect commanders to follow when planning a joint incident response
  • METHANE – a common method for passing incident information between services and their control rooms
  • Joint Decision Model (JDM) - A common model used nationally to enable Responders to make effective decisions together

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Crisis management support

We can be there with you when the worst happens - with remote or on site expertise to help put your plans into action.

Policing & Security

Top class Policing and Security Advisors with impressive CV's and international experience

Preparations and Response to Terrorism

Assess the risk to your business and the mitigation you can put in place

H&S and Fire Risk Assessment

The statutory process of analysing fire and other risks then recording the findings

Exercises & Validation

Simulation of an emergency situation that enables organisations and businesses to validate their emergency plans and recognise its strengths and weaknesses

Incident Command

Reviewing existing command/management structures / protocols and assessing their effectiveness and preparedness. Developing and implementing effective Command and Control systems.

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