Exercises - Business Continuity & Plan Validation

Business Continuity ExercisesExercises & Plan Validation

What do we mean by 'Exercise' - and why we should bother;

A Resilience or Emergency Exercise is a simulation of an emergency situation, that enables participants, organisations and businesses to validate their emergency plans; develop teams in terms of their competences and give them practice at carrying out their roles as defined in the plans; and to test well-established procedures.

It is important that we know that our emergency plans (including business continuity,communication, and warning and informing plans) are reliable and workable - and an exercise provides us with a safe and secure environment to prove that our plans meet the identified requirements, and highlight any areas for improvement.

There are several different types of exercises, that can also be used in combination as required;

  • Discussion Based Exercises
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Live Exercises

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The Network maintains a specialist team of experts working within the European Union's Civil Protection Mechanism. This provides a framework within which responders from across the world can work together to assess need and co-ordinate actions to resolve situations. This short video explains the context:

European Civil Protection Mechanism

2009 Floodex - Operational Exercise

2009 Floodex - Exercise Evaluation

2011 Orion - Host Nation Exercise
United Kingdom

2011 Orion - Merseyside Exercise
United Kingdom

2011 Military transport for Civil response
United Kingdom

2012 Olympics - Capability Exercise
United Kingdom

2013 MODEX - Disaster Exercise

2015 - UK ISAR Deployment

2016 TRIMODEX 1 - Disaster Exercise

2016 TRIMODEX 2 - Disaster Exercise

2016 TRIMODEX 3 - Disaster Exercise

2016 UK ISAR INSARAG Reclassification

2017 Euracare Flight & Shelter Programme

Crisis management support

We can be there with you when the worst happens - with remote or on site expertise to help put your plans into action.

Policing & Security

Top class Policing and Security Advisors with impressive CV's and international experience

Preparations and Response to Terrorism

Assess the risk to your business and the mitigation you can put in place

H&S and Fire Risk Assessment

The statutory process of analysing fire and other risks then recording the findings

Exercises & Validation

Simulation of an emergency situation that enables organisations and businesses to validate their emergency plans and recognise its strengths and weaknesses

Incident Command

Reviewing existing command/management structures / protocols and assessing their effectiveness and preparedness. Developing and implementing effective Command and Control systems.

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