About Us & what we do...

What the Resilience Advisors Network doesExpertise and capability from the European Union, United Kingdom and Worldwide

We're a Network of some 80 Civil Protection Experts specialising in: Emergency & Disaster Management, Large-scale Rescue Operations, Firefighting, Health and Security disciplines

Our primary purpose is to

Support national and public bodies with expertise and capability across the full range of Civil Protection and Humanitarian activity

But... we also

Support organisations and private companies

where the aims or products align completely with our primary purpose

We predominantly deliver through three main methods:

Training Exercising Consultancy

The skills available through the Network are diverse making it impossible to suggest all the areas where they might support you. Our website and Social Media feeds will provide an idea of some of the capabilities we're currently delivering. A browse of our recent track record and that of some of the team will give an idea of the value we can bring.

In addition to our Government level and public engagements, The Resilience Advisors Network can support your business where you may find it difficult to access highly credible professional and local expertise. Get in touch and we'll be pleased to discuss how we might help.