Trevor Botting Policing & Security

Trevor Botting Trevor Botting Policing & Security Specialist

Authentic, accountable, approachable, likable and inspirational executive leader within a high profile risk based public service with a proven ability to deliver results and inspire others to reach their potential as a leader.

Known to build and optimise meaningful and effective partnerships across public and private sectors and within communities. Builds trust within such partnerships to effectively deliver results and outcomes through shared objectives and understanding of what works to meet social needs.

With over 40 years policing experience, 13 years' at executive leadership level within national law enforcement agencies in three jurisdictions leading culturally and ethnically diverse workforces delivering services to culturally and ethnically diverse communities.

Strong driver of transitional change and modernisation through workforce development. A national leader of significant matters of policy, legislation and working practices with significant experience working at national level and with political groups and individual senior individuals within UK and Overseas Governments.

Highly effectively working internationally at executive level either within a command or mentoring and coaching role.

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