Tomasz Zweglinski Part of the European Advisor Team

Tomasz Zweglinski Tomasz Zweglinski UCPM Expert

Tomasz holds a PhD in Security Sciences and Master of Fire Engineering. He is a professional fire officer (Col.) and a specialist in civil protection and crisis management.

An academic at the Main School of Fire Service (Warsaw, Poland). PhD graduated from Military National Defence Academy in Warsaw (Poland). Fire engineering and crisis management studied at the Main School of Fire Service (Warsaw, Poland) accordingly at the Fire Safety Engineering Faculty and the Civil Safety Engineering Faculty in Warsaw. Also an occupational safety expert graduated from Warsaw Technical University and Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute in Poland.

Tomasz is a High Level Coordination expert of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and a disaster environmental expert of the Joint Environmental Unit UNEP/OCHA. On top of it he an EU CBRN Security Manager graduated from international post-graduate study in 2018, financed from the EU Internal Security Fund (DG HOME).

Finally, he is a manager of national and international research and capacity building projects (incl. EU funding as well as Official Development Assistance funding). Table-top and full scale civil protection exercises organizer and evaluator. His key interest is focused on exercise and new technologies evaluation processes.

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