Steve Voice Policing & Security Specialist

Steve Voice Steve Voice Policing & Security Specialist

Steve had a 38-year career in British Policing serving with the Metropolitan Police Service and Sussex Police as a Police Officer and Senior Police Staff Member. He retired as an officer at the rank of Chief Superintendent responsible for the majority of West Sussex.

During his service he was the Tactical Commander responding to an inbound passenger at London Gatwick Airport in possession of a live hand grenade, commanded in excess of 150 firearms operations, the Tactical Commander during a Labour Party Autumn Conference and as the Strategic Commander in response to an explosion at a fireworks depot where two fire fighters were killed. He delivered training in Major Incidents to police officers in Abu Dhabi and Command and Leadership to senior officers in Kenya.

As a Police Staff Manager Steve was responsible for the effective planning for Surrey Police and Sussex Police to major incidents and significant policing operations, Business Continuity and training and exercising of officers and staff to counter terrorist incidents. Steve was integral to the immediate response and subsequent recovery phases during the Shoreham Air Disaster. He was the chair of Surrey's Local Resilience Forum's Delivery Group.

He is a Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Management Institute and holds the Certificate of The Business Continuity Institute.

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