Sjirk Meijer Part of the European Advisor Team

Sjirk Meijer Sjirk Meijer Disaster risk assessment/ disaster risk reduction expert

Sjirk completed a PhD in safety culture in construction at Eindhoven University of Technology and became a policy advisor at the Netherlands Ministry of the interior.

In 2001 he started one of the first internet communities on disaster planning following implementation of the EU Seveso guidelines on technological Disaster Risk Reduction.

Sjirk has been a freelance consultant since 2011 undertaking various projects involving risk assessment, inspection, and safety culture and disaster risk reduction. In 2017 he joined the resilience advisors Network and became in 2019 European Director. He was and is engaged in several projects all over Europe. In 2017-2018 he worked in the EuropeAid Technical Assistance Project for strengthening AFAD. Most recently Sjirk worked in projects for UNDP, UNOPS, USAID and the European Commission (DG ECHO, DG HOME). He worked on community resilience for municipalities in West and East Ukraine and in a three-year research project (RESILOC).

Sjirk is one of the driving forces behind the Crisis Management Innovation Network with over 1700 members (

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