Simon Churchill Specialist Advisor

Simon ChurchillSimon Churchill Harzardous Area & CBRNe Specialist

Simon works extensively in the multi-agency environment spending recent years seconded from the London Fire Brigade to the UK Police National CBRNe Centre (PNCBRNC). While here, he developed multi-agency CBRN guidance providing advice and guidance on capability and command and control and developing concepts of multi-agency working.

Having worked closely with national working groups, Simon has implemented the Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) capability for the London Fire Brigade and has experience of the National Resilience Capability for Mass Decontamination of the public.

Simon designs, delivers and reviews CBRNe training at tactical and strategic levels. He works with agencies from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia identifying synergies and opportunities for multi-agency working in CBRN capabilities, recently validating the national CBRNe tactical plan under the ‘Argon’ banner on behalf of UK Government.

Simon supports the Network as part of an increasingly strong multi-disciplined CBRN team and has most recently provided clinical decontamination training in the UAE.

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