Robert Leach Principal Advisor

Robert Leach Robert Leach Principal Advisor for Policing

Robert has a proven track-record equipping Police Forces to meet the demands of modern-day Policing through the use of smarter, transformational and cost-effective technology. Through the Network, he can provide leadership, assist with strategy, set standards and policy, and enable effective IT investment, helping Forces to use ICT more efficiently, to keep the public safe.

Robert spent 30 months with the UK Government-owned Police ICT Company, first as Interim Deputy CEO, followed by 12 months as Interim CEO. The Company's remit was (and still is) to work with the NPTC (National Police Technology Council - i.e. all Force CIOs) on how better to apply technology to make Policing more effective - nationally, regionally and locally - in support of the Policing Vision 2025. This primarily saw the Company and the NPTC aligned in agreeing ICT-led programs which, when implemented, would drive much easier information sharing, enable collaboration and improve communication within and between Forces across the country.

Robert led the second main focus area: driving a more positive engagement with the supplier community such that they became more aware of the landscape, the stakeholders and the strategic ambition for ICT in supporting the Policing Vision - and was instrumental in identifying and consolidating (using the Company's procurement team) the many ICT contracts which individual suppliers had previously sold "piecemeal" to individual Forces one-by-one into single, Police-wide contracts, accessible to every Force, saving £millions in annual ICT spend. Reporting to the Company's Board (made up of Chief Constables, PCCs, Senior Home Office officials and the NPTC Chair, Robert was responsible and accountable for the Police ICT Company's strategy, financial performance, business planning, risk management, financial controls, estates, recruitment and more, and necessarily worked with the various stakeholders across Policing (Chief Constables and Police & Crime Commissioners, the Home Office, and Ministers) during his tenure.

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