Richard Rehak Fire Officer

Richard Rehak Richard Rehak Fire Officer

Professional firefighter since 2008, in command position since 2012 until now. Currently in the position of platoon commander of the Fire and Rescue Department of the city of Bratislava. The work includes management and organization of the platoon (22 firefighters), command of routine daily interventions. On national level, Richard was involved in dealing with major deployments especially on forest fires. Since 2011, a member of the Slovak Ground Fire Fighting Module. Since 2019, deputy team leader of the Slovak Aerial Forest Firefighting Module with helicopters.

So far, 4 international deployments (2021 Greece - liaison officer, 2021 Austria - team leader, 2022 Slovenia - team leader, 2022 Czech Republic - team leader). Richard also perform the position of liaison officer for various other rescue teams of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Experience in dealing with international humanitarian aid to Ukraine via Slovakia.

Several international field and staff exercises with different rescue teams. I am trained in the CO EU international aid mechanism (MBC course, TECH course, CMI course, OPM course). Trained to work with rope and climbing equipment and with helicopters during interventions (firefighting, rescue...). Also a professional UAV pilot.

Currently undertaking helicopter pilot training (PPL H). Various other basics firefighting skills, courses and trainings. I worked on various projects: PPRD 3 East, Silvanus...

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