Richie Davis Part of the European Advisor Team

Richard Davis Richard Davis BSc Psychology Assessment, Training and Development Specialist

Richie has worked at supervisory, middle and strategic manager level in Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service. In the last five years of his fire service career, he was the District Commander for Liverpool.

He led the work the service undertakes with vulnerable and at risk Children and Young people, the service being awarded Beacon Status in the area of Early Intervention Children at Risk; he lead Officer in a nationwide best practice project with national and local government partners, working with the Children's Task Force within the Cabinet Office, The Department for Education and Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

He sat on the Liverpool Strategic Health and Well-being Board and was involved in the development of the Liverpool pandemic response plan following the Swine flu epidemic in 2008.

He went onto to lead a sector wide initiative to coordinate cross sector multi agency vulnerable people's data to help facilitate targeted interventions to support members of the community most at risk.

Richie worked closely with Professor Micheal Marmots team in outlining the causal factors in health inequalities and developing innovative targeted strategies to address them. He was appointed the chair of the Liverpool Domestic Homicide Review Board, producing reports to the Home Office aimed at identifying sector failing and best practice of the agencies that had been previously connected with the victims and their families.

Richie was the Silver and later the Gold Commander at Crane Collapse in Liverpool City Centre. A crane collapsed onto a four storey block of occupied flats; the incident was declared a major incident, 36 residents were rescued utilising specialist fire and paramedic response teams without loss of life.

Richie received specialist training and development around flood rescue and was one of the National flood response coordinators for the major flooding incidents in Carlisle and Cockermouth in Cumbria.

Richie was involved in the Heriprot project, an EU led multi city project undertaken on behalf of the United Nation's to provide a best practice handbook for preparedness, response and recovery phases in fires and emergency incidents in World Heritage buildings. The resulting handbook was agreed by the commissioning authorities and its finding have been adopted by the UN as a best practice guide.

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