Mick Williams Change & Leadership

Mick Williams Mick Williams People, Change, and Leadership specialist

Mick's personal 'mission statement' is to work with people he likes and trusts, doing things that he enjoys, for organisations that he respects.

After a hugely enjoyable RAF career which saw him serve overseas in cold war Germany, the Falkland Islands, and Hong Kong, as well as multiple operational and staff tours in the UK, Mick became a management consultant specialising in people and change. He can draw down on years of senior experience in three separate fields: Interim and management consulting, the armed forces, and the senior civil service. Along the way, he's made many friends and built strong networks, chiefly because he's both socially and intellectually curious (although no-one has accused him of being intellectual). Mick's client list includes numerous police forces and agencies, Whitehall departments, universities, charities, and health providers, as well as several multi-national large private sector organisations.

Typically, Mick gets things done by driving and aligning change, governance, and delivery and he thrives when working and shaping organisational culture, people, and behaviours, usually combining a thousand conversations with tried and trusted methodologies. Thanks to years of absorbing organisational clues, Mick gets up to speed quickly, and can turn his hand to most things. As comfortable facilitating a boardroom of senior executives as chatting in the canteen to those doing the work, Mick is a persuasive and able communicator and an active listener. His strengths include taking a strategic view whilst grasping detail, building productive relationships across organisational boundaries, communicating effectively, mentoring and informal coaching, and taking people and organisations with him. As for development opportunities, Mick has far too many to list here, but feedback is always welcome.

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