Marthe Huibers Behavioral Expert

Marthe Huibers Marthe Huibers Behavioral expert and trainer/consultant Crisis Management

As a behavioral expert, Marthe is fascinated by human behavior. She believes that 'the human factor' can make all the difference during crises and she therefore always looks for possibilities to strengthen the human capital of crisis professionals.

Marthe has extensive experience as trainer and consultant in the field of Crisis Management. Her work focusses on development and facilitation of education and training programs as well as on strategic advice and evaluation of real incidents in the broad field of crisis- and disaster management. She works with various participants (operational to strategic level) and organizations ((semi-) government and for-profit sector).

With a background in Psychology, Marthe is specialized in themes such as Soft Skills, Team Resource Management, Peer and Psychological Support, Self-Sufficiency, Stress-management, Resilience and Personal Effectiveness.

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