Luliia Demchenko Part of the European Advisor Team

Luliia Demchenko Luliia Demchenko International Relations Expert

Luliia's educational background provides her with the necessary knowledge and experience to fulfil the Network’s objectives on your behalf. With a strong interest in international relations, after obtaining a masters degree, she made the decision to contribute within the homeland security/emergency management.

Advancing as a specialist and then the head of International Cooperation Division at the Mobile Rescue Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Luliia gained valuable experience, particularly of developing network and strong links between humanitarian players regarding preparedness. As a team member of the Heavy Urban Search and Rescue team of Ukraine, she now continues to work withthe International Charity Organization "Caritas Ukraine".

Luliia's life and career have been driven by a strong passion to help people and, with her proactive approach, expertise and ideas, she is a benefit to many projects.

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