Jürgen Schreiber Senior Consultant for Emergency and Crisis management in Health Facilities and industrial environment

Jürgen Schreiber Jürgen Schreiber Disaster Medicine Specialist

A specialist in training professionals and managerial staff in the fields of command & control, staff management, operational tactics and medical treatment in situations with mass casualties of injured as well as under CBRN conditions.

Advisor to companies developing and operating contingency emergency plans and crisis management as well as Business Continuity Plans.

Jürgen is an advisor and trainer organising courses, field exercises as well as table-top exercises for first responders, emergency staff, management and operational staff. This includes coordinating the educations as well as the evaluation of personnel behavior or skills at an operational, tactical and stategical level.

As a Senior Consultant in the education program for executives in EMS and Civil Protection on the federal level of Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V.(an NGO) Jürgen is also responsible for the planning and execution of consecutive courses including the development of curicular content and skills, the design of lessions, training material and exercises


    • Emergency Management
    • Medical supply and Medical Management of contaminated casualties in CBRN emergencies (e.g. MCI), HAZMAT
    • Contingency Planning in Health Care Facilities, Industrial Companies and Educational Institutions
    • Training & Exercise Coordination

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