Edmunds Akitis Part of the European Advisor Team

Edmunds Akitis Edmunds Akitis Capacity Development Expert

Edmunds is one of the most highly experienced officers working through the Network and is able to help organisations and agencies navigate their way through the compexities of EU functions.

Having spent the Last 4 (four) years working for the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) as a Policy Officer, his major references have included the 'Lessons Learnt' programme and Prevention and Preparedness missions.

Deployed more than 15 times as the Emergency Response Coordination Centre's (ERCC's) Liaison Officer to Ukraine and Bhutan has provided an in-depth understanding of EU field operations.

Trained and experienced in Team leading and management as well as experienced on Capacity Building/Development. He has performed Risk/Threat and Vulnerability assessments at local, state and regional levels. Authored reports (including classified reports based on all source information analysis) and drafted legislation and plans, including counter-terrorism plans, for Government in the field of Crisis Management, Civil protection and Disaster Relief.

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