Derek Cheevers Part of the European Advisor Team

Derek Cheevers Derek Cheevers Crisis management, incident command and exercise planning

Derek has over 27 years’ experience working within the fire service, including a one-year educational exchange to Auckland New Zealand with the New Zealand Fire Service. As a senior fire officer, he has responded to and managed a number of large-scale complex incidents working at both operational and strategic level. In his time as a fire officer, Derek has qualified as an instructor in a number of disciplines including SCBA, Rope Rescue and Offshore fire-fighting. He is the Subject Matter Expert for his organisation in Incident Command.

Derek holds a Batchelors degree in business studies (emergency services management) and a Master’s degree in Major Emergency Management from Dublin City University (DCU). He is also a member of the Emergency Management Institute of Ireland (EMII). Derek is the author of the crisis management protocol document for the country’s largest local authority and has designed and delivered a number of crisis simulation exercises for organisations in both the public and private sector. He is also a trainer in both Information Management and On-site Coordination as defined by the Irish Framework for Major Emergency Management.

As a national expert in EU Civil Protection, Derek has undertaken a number of training courses within the Mechanism and is actively involved in the Operational Management Course (OPM) as a Learning Control Group Support Coordinator. As one of six national experts invited to work on Exercise Orion U.K. 2010, Derek has developed a national form of exercise evaluation. This form of evaluation has been officially adopted by the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management and has been used to evaluate a number of large-scale exercises in Ireland.

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