Dave Brown Part of the European Advisor Team

Dave Brown Dave Brown Responder Safety & Met Fire Specialist

Dave is 52 years old and, after a 32 year career, recently retired as the Director of Operations in the London Fire Brigade which is the biggest brigade in Europe and the third biggest in the world.

During his career, Dave was responsible for the 5,000 firefighters at London’s 102 fire stations; the 999 emergency mobilising function; all Regulatory Fire Safety issues, and all Community Safety and youth engagement activities in London. This management led to record breaking reductions in fires, deaths and injuries across London.

Dave is a skilled and adaptable strategic manager, with extensive experience of implementing and overseeing change at the highest level. He has a proven track record of exceeding performance expectations, whilst remaining focused on the wellbeing of staff and adhering to multi million pound budgets and timescales. Dave has an ability to bring about the fundamental changes needed in response to efficiency improvements in the public sector, legislative changes and technological advances. He has a strong strategic vision; along with the ability to successfully deliver complex multi-track projects.

Operationally, Dave has played a key role in the successful resolution of a range of operational incidents ranging from national flooding and forest fires to the London bombings; London Riots and the biggest fire in London on the day of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012.

Dave has a BSc in Fire Command and was awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in 2005, and the Queen’s Fire Service Medal in the 2016 New Year Honours List for hard work and commitment to the Brigade and to London as a whole.

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