Daniel Modoaca Emergency & Disaster

Daniel Modoaca Daniel Modoaca Emergency & Disaster Specialist

Daniel has extensive experience of coordinating disaster response and crisis management activities such as distribution of goods, opening public shelters, and implementing special needs plans and programs for the Red Cross in Romania.

Amongst his many skills, he has:

  • Designed and administered emergency/disaster preparedness training courses that teach people how to effectively respond to major emergencies and disasters.
  • Developed and maintained liaisons with municipalities, public authorities, and similar entities in order to facilitate plan development, response effort coordination, and exchanges of personnel and equipment.
  • Developed and implemented training procedures and strategies for volunteers from Disaster Response Teams of RRC.
  • Developed instructional materials for the public, and make presentations to citizens' groups in order to provide information on emergency plans and their implementation process.
  • Maintained and updated all resource materials associated with national emergency preparedness plans.
  • Written and applied for European funding for emergency management related needs; administer such grants and report on their progress.
  • Developed and implemented tactical exercises and simulation as response to different situation as floods, earthquake and accident with multiple victims.
  • Participated as delegate expert in to the international missions or projects.

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