Claire Oatway Leadership and Success

Claire Oatway Claire Oatway Leadership and Success Specialist

Claire is a true tour de force. She has deep experience of strategy and partnerships within local government, steering Plymouth to become one of the earliest proponents of systems design. During her decades of local government work she has re-vitalised and re-engineered partnership working and democratic governance to deliver greater engagement among leaders. This and other projects she's spearheaded facilitated significant transformation in service delivery, achieving major cost savings and increased efficacy.

For the last 15 years she has been immersed in systems leadership - including her MBA focus on workforce engagement in a collaborative era. In 2014, she shifted gears into health care provision at a community level and transformed a newly merged GP practice into a national leader for working at scale, disruptive innovation, and true population health management. Steering the business through major growth, service redesign and in so doing influencing national policy and international politicians. Claire has been a firestarter pushing opportunities for health tech businesses in the Devon and Cornwall area.

Claire is passionate and authentic in her delivery. She has been equally successful in engaging teams, political stakeholder management and on the international conference circuit. She rarely settles and that curiosity and tenacity have been instrumental in unlocking growth; moving groups of people forward, often further than they would have imagined. Claire's optimism and energy have infused ambitious growth agendas and in recovery from external shocks including financial and regulatory concerns.

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