Chris van Weverwijk Fire & Rescue

Chris van Weverwijk Chris van Weverwijk Fire Trainer | Advisor | Management

Chris has been the leading content expert, in the Dutch fire service development of new Firefighter and crew Commander courses. During the past 5 years in the Netherlands a new doctrine for the fire service has been developed. This doctrine is now based on extensive national and international research in which Chris has actively participated. Next to these developments, in the basic firefighter education programs Nationwide, Chris has developed the first national Training of trainer concepts for the different basic incident response subjects including new energy technology and HAZMAT response.

Besides the national development of firefighter courses and training programs Chris has been the manager of the bureau of professional competence (30 staff) for the region Gelderland-Midden in the Netherlands, which is responsible for the professional competence of 41 fire stations.

In Utrecht Chris is Station commander for a voluntary fire station and has 15 years of operational experience as firefighter/crew commander. As a sole proprietor Chris has extensive experience as trainer/advisor on firefighting subjects and different programs and projects to train first responders and firefighters.

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