Andreas Hattinger EMT Expert

Andreas Hattinger Andreas Hattinger Emergency Medical Team Coordinator

Major exercises coach and trainer for multiple international teams specialising in field coordination in challenging environments. Exceptional disaster response experience since 1994 with the Rwanda conflict through to team leader and crisis management delegate for the Austrian Red Cross in Ukraine in 2022. National coordinator for the Austrian emergency medical team module for international deployments.

Andreas has attended and passed all of the relevant Union civil protection mechanism training courses up to high-level coordination. He is also a course director, lecturer and trainer on the Modules Basic course and the Technical Experts course for the EU. He also has experience in the field of certification of modules. Furthermore, he is on the roster for FACT deployments.

Andreas commenced his working life as a paramedic in the Austrian army and is presently a district commander for the Austrian Red Cross who supply emergency medical services in the country.

Andreas marries his medical and management skills to provide well researched practical training and comprehensive project management.

Andreas has a wide cultural experience having worked in Syria, DRC, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Mozambique, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Haiti, Greece, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Belgium and Austria.

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