Alex Clark QFSM, MBA, Bsc (Hons), FCMI Strategic Change Leader

Alex Clark Alex Clark Strategic Change Leadership

Alex has excellent interpersonal skills and can provide support and guidance to organisations undergoing significant organisational change. His experiences have equipped him with the skills to deliver complex change in a pragmatic manner, with an ability, through stakeholder engagement and developing relationships based on trust and confidence, to provide leadership and support to teams and individuals tasked with making change happen.

Alex is a professional Fire Officer, having worked within the fire and rescue service for 30 years within the Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service up to the level of Chief Fire Officer and more latterly as the Deputy Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service since creation of the service in 2013.

On behlaf of the Chief Fire Officers Association (Scotland), Alex took over the leadership of the Fire and Rescue Reform Team, leading the team that were to ensure the Scottish Fire and Rescue was prepared to take over the provision of fire and rescue services within Scotland from the previous eight services.

On taking up the role of Deputy Chief officer, as senior responsible owner, he retained responsibility for the on-going delivery of the merger of the services, ensuring the objectives of the reform programme were delivered.

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