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Fire Suppression The Next Generation of Suppression Technology

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The consequences of a fire can be devastating - a true nightmare for every business owner. Fires do happen, that is an unfortunate fact, and they don't always happen to other people!

When combined with early detection, effective fire suppression not only gives time for people to escape but also considerably reduces the resulting loss. The most often recommended solution is a sprinkler system. Effective BUT, expensive to install and maintain, damaging in its own right with little or no chance of salvaging high-value inventory following a fire.

Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol or DSPA* represents the next generation of fire suppression medium and the Network is keen to work with businesses who would like to realise its benefits including;

  • NO PIPEWORK - so can easily be retrospectively installed with little or no disruption
  • NO PRESSURE OR STORAGE PROBLEMS - saving on maintenance and space requirements
  • NON-CORROSIVE AND NON-CONDUCTIVE - totally harmless for computers and PCB's
  • MICRON-SIZED PARTICLES - no problem for air filters (engines, generators etc.)
  • NON-TOXIC, HARMLESS TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS - no more integrity tests for server rooms!

Working closely with DSPA UK Ltd, advisors can assess applications suitable for this easily installed, aerosol suppression technology

Contact us to talk about fire suppression solutions through these pages or contact our specialist advisor Paul Petersen direct at paul.petersen@resilienceadvisors.co.uk

* DSPA aerosol generators consists of a solid compound made of a mixture of potassium nitrate, an organic resin and dicyandiamide in a rigid steel casing which aerosolize finely divided 70% solid particles typically based on alkali metal salts and 30% gases typically comprised of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and minor amount of water vapor. Read what Means of Escape Magazine had to say about DSPA