Exercises - Business Continuity Plan Validation

Business Continuity ExercisesExercises & Plan Validation

What do we mean by 'Exercise' - and why we should bother;

A Resilience or Emergency Exercise is a simulation of an emergency situation, that enables participants, organisations and businesses to validate their emergency plans; develop teams in terms of their competences and give them practice at carrying out their roles as defined in the plans; and to test well-established procedures.

It is important that we know that our emergency plans (including business continuity,communication, and warning and informing plans) are reliable and workable - and an exercise provides us with a safe and secure environment to prove that our plans meet the identified requirements, and highlight any areas for improvement.

There are several different types of exercises, that can also be used in combination as required;

  • Discussion Based Exercises
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Live Exercises

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