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Electronic SecurityElectronic Security

This highly specialised activity is led by our Principal Advisor Jim Westlake, either working individually or as part of a broader risk review team.

Well known in the profession, he has over 30 years experience working in the security industry starting with electronic surveillance in the Royal Navy followed by spells with some of the UK's leading security companies including Chubb and BAE Systems.

Most recently, Jim has been working for the Building Research Establishment contributing to the creation of national, international and specialist standards and undertaking electronic security testing and approvals. Particular specialisms include high end access control systems, video motion detection assessments, and exterior intruder detection systems.

Of particular focus at the moment are the risks associated with modern electronic security systems when they are interconnected via IT networks. This has created something of a problem driving research for Government over the last several years. HIs work at BRE revealed a large number of potential security breach vectors. This area in particular is highly important and collaboration between IT security and electronic security specialists is paramount because of the risk of compromise to both sides of these systems from the other.

These days, Jim supports the Network by providing technical electronic security consulting services. This can be in the form of;

  • expertise to SME’s to enhance their own security knowledge to grow to the point that external consultancy is no longer required
  • Undertaking a full assessment service of sites with risk assessment reports and recommendations for improvements.
  • Assistance with the writing of Operational Requirement (OR) and the assessment of tenders against them.

Contact us about our electronic security consultancy through the Network or contact Jim direct at jim.westlake@resilienceadvisors.eu

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