Specialist Services - Corporate Support

Temporary Corporate SupportAdditional Capacity

All organisations need surge capacity from time-to-time. This can be hard to procure within secure and highly specialised and risk-critical operations - particularly at strategic and director level. Compound this with the fact that it's often needed at short notice and you don't want to deal with the 'lag' of someone being bought upto speed.

Fortunately, the Network is equiped with high level and competent individuals who have kept their skills and market knowledge current and who have experienced application of those skills across a range of organisations.

With a quick call, we can immediately advise you who is available, what sepcialisms they offer and what their recent relevant experience is, leaving you to decide whether or not they fit your purpose.

The Network can help you achieve better value for money, more quickly and ensure a solution far more relevant to your business.

Contact us for a discussion through the Network or direct at support@resilienceadvisors.eu

Crisis management support

We can be there with you when the worst happens - with remote or on site expertise to help put your plans into action.

Policing & Security

Top class Policing and Security Advisors with impressive CV's and international experience

Preparations and Response to Terrorism

Assess the risk to your business and the mitigation you can put in place

H&S and Fire Risk Assessment

The statutory process of analysing fire and other risks then recording the findings

Exercises & Validation

Simulation of an emergency situation that enables organisations and businesses to validate their emergency plans and recognise its strengths and weaknesses

Incident Command

Reviewing existing command/management structures / protocols and assessing their effectiveness and preparedness. Developing and implementing effective Command and Control systems.

Short-term Corporate Capacity

Cope with those surge projects without the costs and inconvenience of temporary employment

Fire Suppression

When combined with early detection, effective fire suppression not only gives time for people to escape but also considerably reduces the resulting loss.