Piet Schneider Part of the European Advisor Team

Piet Schneider Piet Schneider EU Civil Protection expert

Piet Schneider is a senior consultant in the field of public order and crisis management. He’s owner of Schneider Consultancy International. Besides that he works for more than 40 years in several police forces in the Netherlands as Superintendent, the last years at the Police Academy. Since 2009 till 2013 he was seconded to the Institute for Safety (IFV), Academy for Crisis management in Arnhem. At the IFV he worked on national and international level as senior consultant and account manager. Within the Netherlands he was responsible for an educational program for training multidisciplinary evaluators and for the coordination of the National Multidisciplinary Evaluation team. He organized structural meetings for professionals within governmental organisations and specialized in education, training and exercise programmes.

Since 2008 he was as evaluation expert involved in several EU funded exercises like Floodex 2009, Orion 2010, WaterSave 2011, MODEX.EU module exercises and FP7 projects. He is an Civil Protection expert, educated by the European Union Civil Protection Training Mechanism.

On behave of the Ministry for Safety and Justice, he represented the Netherlands in the Training Policy Group of the European Commission. He is a networker and has a large national and international network.

Contact Piet through the Network or direct at piet.schneider@resilienceadvisors.eu