Chris van Duuren Part of the European Advisor Team

Chris van Duuren Chris van Duuren Specialised in multi-level and political-strategic crisis management.

In his everyday job, Chris is crisis management team leader and strategic advisor to the Dutch water authority in the area of Rotterdam. Besides that, he is on the actual Dutch deployment roster as EU civil protection expert and certifier, and NATO civil preparedness expert (host nation support and civil-military coordination). Since 1991 he is volunteer at the Netherlands Red Cross, currently in the roles of IHL/law of armed conflict trainer and national council member on international assistance.

Chris has a broad knowledge and a wide range of experience. He has worked over 10 years in the ministry of Security and Justice in The Hague, in the office of the Dutch civil protection authority, under the national co-ordinator for counter terrorism and security. Where he served as duty officer in the national crisis centre and strategic policy advisor/SME on (inter)national cooperation.

Also, he has been military advisor to local emergency management authorities for almost 10 years. And he has worked as a seconded national expert in disaster management logistics at the emergency response coordination centre (ERCC) of the European Commission’s DG ECHO in Brussels.

Chris has been on missions to Afghanistan for NATO in 2010, to Kosovo for the Red Cross in 2013, and to the Dutch Caribbean for the Dutch government in 2017 (assisting the governor of Saba with the disaster management and CIMIC after cat 5. Hurricanes Irma an Maria struck).

He holds a master degree on crisis- and public order management and has managed crises and organised policy and preparedness on all levels inside and outside the government.

Before he went into crisis management, he has studied and worked in the private sector in the fields of electrical engineering and facilty management. Chris is a problem solver and creative thinker who has a good sense of humour and will help you out with almost everything you can think of until things have been successfully resolved.

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